Sunday, August 26, 2007

Quotations from *Behold the Man*
Michael Moorcock
1939- English

Lying in the hot, sweaty bed with Monica. Once again, another attempt to make normal love had metamorphosed into the performance of minor aberrations, which seemed to satisfy her better than anything else.

Their real courtship and fulfillment was yet to come. As usual, it would be verbal. As usual, it would find its climax in argumentative anger.
Michael Moorcock, Behold the Man

It was strange. He was not a religious man in the usual sense. He was an agnostic. It was not conviction that had led him to defend religion against Monica’s cynical contempt for it; it was rather lack of conviction in the ideal in which she had set her own faith, the ideal of science as a solver of all problems.
Michael Moorcock, Behold the Man

“I can’t accept it.”

“That’s because you’re sick. I’m sick, too, but at least I can see the promise of health.”

“I can only see the threat of death...”
Michael Moorcock, Behold the Man

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