Wednesday, December 26, 2007

“A Deluded Ascent of Mount Chun Shan”
Kublai Khan (Khubilai Khaan)
1215-1294 Mongol
translated by Sh.Tsog and Simon Wickham-Smith

On a day blessed by good fortune,
I climbed up a blue bluff.
I stepped carefully on the ground,
So as not to destroy the landscape.
The flowers glowed red,
Like rainbows.
A beryllium light glistened like mist or smoke or blue haze.
The bamboos along the streams grew green from rain fall and spring water.
The wind blew through the mountain pines with a wonderful fluting melody.
I paid my respects
At the sacred temples,
And returned with the aid of Indra.
And controlled the dragons.

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